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Our QR Code & E-label solutions

Simplify the management of your vintages and comply with the new labelling standard

Manage your vintages

Manage information about your vineyards and vintages by creating e-labels.

Digital labels

Digitize the nutritional information of your vintages to comply with the regulation by the end of 2023.

QR Code Editor

Easily generate your QR codes with just a few clicks, ready to be integrated and printed on your labels.


Manage all your companies, vineyards and vintages on a single platform.

Our QR Code & E-Label Platform

An integrated, simple, and ready-to-use tool to comply with the new 2023 regulations.

Try it for free and start digitising your vintages.

Create your account simply

Fill in the details of your vintages

Publish your regulatory QR Codes & E-labels

Create a QR Code

Would you like to offer QR Bottle?

If you’re a union, confederation or group, QR Bottle’s White Label program gives you the opportunity to market and offer the QR code generation platform on your behalf.

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New reform 2023. Get in compliance

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